From Inspiration to Action

#1 — Love Is Transformational

Love is Transformational

Love is transformational.
Love is much more than an emotion.
Love is LIFE.
Without Love you are lifeless.
But with Love, You are fulfilled.
Love starts with yourself.
Cause let me tell you something:
How can you love other people if you don’t even love yourself?
Love should never be taken for granted.
Love is nourished every single day.
And GRATITUDE Makes you realize
How lucky you are
To live in the ocean of Love.

#2 — Change your Life

Change your Life

If your life is full of chaos,
I can tell you there is something wrong in the way you live it.
This is time for you to change your paradigm.
This is time for you to change your lifestyle.
This is time for you to change your thoughts.
Change your thought patterns.
Change the way you approach life.
Change your belief system.
And that process takes time.
This is not easy.
This is not a quick fix.
This is an everyday work on yourself.
Questioning both yourself and life In order to understand what you can improve.
How you can embrace your shortcomings.
How you can embrace hardship.
Because adversity is a gift.
But it’s hidden.

#3 — Failure is a Teacher

Failure is a Teacher

I’m gonna tell you something
How many times I felt down
To the point that
I stopped believing in my dreams,
Making those great efforts.
I stopped surpassing myself,
Overcoming my fears.
But I was wrong
All those so called failures
Were the best TEACHERS.
That Life was giving me
For me to GROW.
For me to find
The best…
…path ♡

#4 — The Success Mindset

The Success Mindset

The Entrepreneurship Mindset,
The Success Mindset.
I live in a life without maybes.
I live in a life full of determination,
combined with a great willpower.
I live in extreme abundance.
This is my choice.
Nothing can take that away from me.
I decide day by day
where I wanna go
towards my biggest dreams.
You are responsible for your reactions.
You can take control of your energy level.
I wanna tell you that
no one knows you better than you do.
So keep on fighting,
keep on striving for
Let’s talk about Gratitude.
Gratitude is the key:
I’m made of gratitude.
Each and every cell of mine is filled with an
immense amount of gratitude
towards Life.
Fall in love with Life!
Your daily life will be changed,
Befriend your biggest enemies.
Befriend your biggest fears
so that you can rise above
and choose the life you want to live.
Whatever education
your parents gave to you.
Whatever state of mind you’ve been taught
in your life.
Whatever society has taught you.
You are fully responsible for your life
…right NOW!
Listen to this silent voice
that keeps on telling you
that there is something more to Life than
what you are currently experiencing,
day after day.
Life is NOT
a series of sufferings.
Life is a blissful experience
given to human beings.
Choose your relationships,
Choose your lifestyle.
Design your dreams,
Design the life you want to live
each and every day.
And no matter how
far you are from your dreams.
No matter how low you feel right now,
I’m telling you:
This is

#5: This is Enough Suffering

This is Enough Suffering

This is enough suffering!
Time has come for you to change.
Time has come for you
to take the first step
towards your new life!
You are fully responsible for
each and every action
you’re doing in your life,
Each and every thought
that comes through your mind.
You are the master of YOURSELF!

#6 — No More Self-Sabotage

No More Self-Sabotage

How dare you sabotage yourself!
Tell me how you can hurt yourself so badly.
If you were aware of that,
You’d tell me this is unacceptable.
In fact, you are creating your misery.
Most of the time
you are creating your fears.
And you are going away from
all the sources of happiness
you could have.
All the positive impact you can have
in this world.
Yes, this is your responsibility
to bring
the Beauty in you
to the world.

#7 — Stand up

Stand up

So many times I fell
And so many times I stood up again!
Pain is not the bad guy.
Pain is the hidden teacher
that you are not able to see right now.
This is gonna be a long journey
With ups and downs
on a daily grind.
But I can assure you:
Each and every step will be beautiful!
You’ll discover
landscapes you’ve never seen
in your whole life!
Cause this is a new birth.
This is a new discovery.
These are gonna be new experiences.
And this path will be full of amazements,
Imbued with gratitude.
Forget about everything
you’ve been taught.
Forget about all the conditionings
that made you.
Escape that mind prison
To be able to FLY… 🚀